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‘Change is the only constant’, everyone has heard this and that’s more applicable when it comes to digital marketing. Talk about trends in 2020, so we a social media marketing agency decided to take a look around the Instagram trends in order to amplify your social strategy. As per statistics, there are around 25 million active businessess on Instagram which make it clear that keeping up with the latest trend is the key to amplify your effort.

Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about how to amplify your social strategy trends in 2020 – 

  •  IGTV Is The Center Of Attention

During the advent of IGTV, it was pretty clear about the performance and how it will amplify your social strategy. But after a few updates, it went clear that IGTV will continue to grow its importance throughout 2020. So it is highly advisable to consider IGTV in your Instagram social strategy.

  • Leverage Instagram Shopping To Generate Revenue

Because of so many features offered by Instagram, around 130 million users view Instagram shopping tags in a post, tag product in stories and also complete the entire purchase process on the platform itself, which makes it a definite strategy to opt for in 2020. 

  • Don’t Overlook Instagram Stories

Since the advent of Instagram, stories have always been fast-growing that reached 500 million daily active users by 2019. This is great for businesses to do cross-promotion advertising that reaches more number of audience. Hence, every social media marketing agency takes advantage of this incredible feature to promote a brand.

  • Tweets And Memes Has Taken Over Instagram

It is fun to see different social media platforms make their way on other social platforms. Tweets and memes are at the centre of the stage when it comes to Instagram. User often share screenshots of tweets to share other expert opinions, or to bring a bit of humour and resharing your top content. 

  • Make Your Instagram Content Interactive

Creating interactive content is the key to brand interaction. With features like polls, questions, hashtags, quizzes and much more gives the audience an opportunity to interact more precisely. A social media marketing agency understands the intensity of interactive content and uses it to decipher the audience’s thoughts and opinions. 

  • Authenticity Is The Key

Instagram is not only about flawless photos and feeds to an extent, but is more of real life. Whether it’s about sharing unedited pictures, behind the scenes, or sharing a messy workplace, authenticity is winning the game. Hence it is highly advisable to be authentic to win again and again.

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  • Influencer Instagram Marketing

A tried and true strategy that isn’t going anywhere in the long run. While it keeps evolving it surely continues to be a trend for years. You need to ensure how to incorporate influencers that will align with your brand’s audience. 

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