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Get more clicks on your paid campaigns, increase click-through rates and drive more leads with the search engine marketing services provided by Rolson Infotech. Pay per click advertising is a highly controllable way to earn a comfortable place in Google and Bing search results. To get a high return, experienced PPC campaign management services make data-driven decisions, optimizes your campaigns from time to time and scan your entire conduit to turn visits into sales. Who does that? Well, we do!

When you choose us, you can relax as your PPC ads are managed by Bing Ads PPC specialists and certified Google AdWords campaign management services. A pay per click Management Company like us handles the setup, design, launch, copywriting and optimization of all your ads. We are known as a jack-of-all-PPC-trades, with experience and expertise in other areas too, like:

  • Paid Search Campaigns.

  • Google AdWords Management.

  • Bing Ads Management.

  • Display Ads Management.

  • Social Media Campaigns.

  • Google Local Services Ads Management.

  • YouTube Advertising.

  • Shopping Ads (Ecommerce) Management.

Why Hire a PPC Agency?

If your website does not reflect on the first page, then there are two ways to increase your first page visibility, namely (1) Search engine marketing optimization services (2) PPC advertising and management. SEO is valuable as people tend to click on organic listings rather than paid ads.

With a pay per click account on Google AdWords, your ads will be visible to visitors within an hour. If your website is optimized to rank better organically, the ad may not be noticeable for weeks, months or even years! PPC advertising is measurable and controllable! There is a huge amount of data to analyze and layers of complexity to manage, which a business owner does not have the time to accomplish efficiently. A business owner may fail to track phone calls generated by their Pay per click campaigns as the flow could be high. If tracking the phone calls generated by PPC campaigns is not done then they are missing some vital keywords to gain traffic.

A pay per click Management Company like us is like hiring a full time marketing person with a horsepower to manage your account in a pocket friendly way along with benefits of various software programmes necessary for optimization.



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