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Transform user experience designers work with wireframing and prototyping techniques.

A prototype and a wireframe design are two of the most essential parts of the website and the mobile app design development. Their main aim is to present and design the basic function of the project for the clients. Still, a prototype is completely a different term from a wireframe.

What is a prototype design?

The prototype is dynamic, interactive and close to the high-fidelity prototyping scheme that has the meticulous visual design. It also gives the testers a complete user experience by simulating the actual product interface and functional interaction.

An interactive prototype design plays an important role for user-testing before the actual product development. A team-friendly prototyping is favourable as it eliminates the arduous steps of file exchange between the designers and developers. The developers can forward the product development more easily based on the final prototype. It saves time and development costs until the UI is approved. After testing the prototype, the team can begin with coding.

What is a wireframe design?

A graphical skeleton of a website that manages the concepts and content pages is called a wireframe. It helps the designers and clients to discuss the fine points of the website. This black-and-white wireframe of lines, boxes and grayscale colours, depicts the most basic UI, the outline and the layout structure and also shows the main chunks of content.

Similar to that of a blueprint, a wireframe design explains the details of the entire project description. The wireframe is used for occasions, such as the internal communication and not as a user testing material. The advantages of a wireframe are that it is inexpensive and fast to complete. Wireframing tools such as UXpin, Balsamiq, etc. can be used to create a wireframe.

A Mockup

A wireframe mockup helps to make final decisions of a product’s colour, visual style and typography. It is used to get a feedback from potential users and for making necessary changes if required. Thus, it saves time by making adjustments to the UI after the launch of the product.

Wireframe and prototype design is used by the user interface designer and the visualizer uses them for supplementary communication on a particular project. It helps to bring an essential project in reality for final prototyping.

It also creates a navigational flow of a product. Stakeholders review wireframes to check whether essential features and objectives are met in the design.

At Rolson Infotech Solutions, our team creates prototypes & wireframes using tools and techniques for permitting quick iteration cycles. We create and test wireframes to certify the route before chalking out the details. We execute through collaboration with end users and future customers.

We hope you understood the advantages of each step mentioned in the post. You can decide which design fits your product-design process and we shall customize the process in a way which suits you best.



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