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With regards to online advertising, Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads are the two monsters of the business and are practically smart for any business to ace them – both with offline and online businesses. So to use these platforms effectively, it’s important to understand the distinctions and similarities among them and how they can help your business.

To begin with, let’s look at what Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads have in common. The most significant advantage of both these platforms is the capacity to focus on and target your audience with mind-blowing details.

Consider it along these lines, if you somehow managed to purchase space on a highway billboard everyone driving down that highway would see your billboard advertisement, regardless of whether they fall into your gathering of potential prospects.

With Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads, you can get a ton of increasing granular into your focus and get your idea before individuals who are well on the way to respond. Also, we advise using both because they can work incredibly well.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: How They Work?

Although they are both pay-per-click advertising platforms, still they both work differently. Facebook ads are considered to be paid social ads that are displayed in the user’s social media feeds. And, Google ads are paid ads that are displayed on Google’s search results.

  • Facebook Ads: Paid Social

Facebook, a social media and networking platform with 2.3 billion users around the world, offers businesses the capacity to promote with per-per-click (PPC) advertisements. These ads are made using the powerful Facebook Ad Manager platform and are then displayed to a target audience characterized by users’ demographics, behaviour, interests, and Facebook engagement patterns. As a component of the ad creation process, businesses select an advertisement budget, ad placements, and advertisement run time.

  • Google Ads: Paid Search

Google is principally a search engine that enables businesses to advertise on its network with pay-per-click advertisements. Google Ads show up at the SERPs in a similar format as organic search results – as per the keywords searched by the users and how those keywords line up with advertisement content. To create a Google Ad, the advertiser must sign up to a Google Ads account, and afterward include ad-copy and keyword targeting information.

Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: How To Evaluate?

  • Cost-  Cost is dependent on various elements. We considered the normal cost-per-click for every platform, just as factors that affect the cost, including minimum ad spend, ad types, and it’s quality. 
  • Audience Targeting-  Audience targeting is the means by which you define your audience based on criteria like demographics, interests, and platform engagement. Considering focusing on targeting both Facebook and Google Ads to identify the advantages of each. 
  • Audience Intent-  Both these platforms look at why would anyone click on an advertisement and how it will affect ROI for advertisers.
  • Advertisement Placement Options- Ad placement is where advertisements will show within social networks or SERPs. Having control over this is vital.
  • Advertisement Types- Facebook and Google both have diverse ad types, or formats, that enable clients to enter a combination of text, pictures, and video. 
  • Usability- It is very easy to create and manage ads on both platforms. 

Our Final Verdict

The choice may not always be clear. Yet, we recommend entrepreneurs to look beyond ROI and consider making a decision about campaigns dependent on the total value they bring to your business. Both Google Ads vs Facebook Ads can help you from building brand awareness to reaching potential clients or getting more leads, conversions, and purchases.

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Simply put, Google Ads will help you find new clients with a greater return on your investment, whereas Facebook Ads will help your customers find and explore your brand, which ultimately is generating better ROI in the run. 

We at Rolson, have experts that love taking on this challenge on a daily basis. We track conversions on a daily basis and explain to you how their campaigns are performing.

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