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Be it a start-up or an established business, a major challenge you are bound to face at some point is competition!

Every business faces challenges through competition in the market, however, it is not impossible to send these competitors into an infinite abyss if you have the right marketing strategy. To avoid being the lost amongst this digital chaos, you can count on Rolson Infotech’s team of highly experienced professionals and their crossroad solutions.

Well, there are many ways to help your business see the light of day it deserves, however, we are going to talk about one such solution whose primary objective is to get you in the limelight and kick the competition out. To help your business grow, it is essential to attract people, Agreed? Ok assuming you agree to that, you would also agree that it is equally important to gain their Loyalty, right? So how do you do that? Well, step one is to engage in influencer marketing. Influencers have large audiences who follow and trust them, A word from them can make their followers dance to their tune, Hence Influence marketing is one of the key marketing strategies at Rolson Infotech Solutions. We engage with Influencers that are best suited for your industry can help obtain new customers for your product when you sign a partnership with us. This helps us pledge the best results for you with the help of our ‘influencer marketing’ campaigns.

Influencer marketing can help rope-in your target audiences effectively in a limited time by showcasing their trust and collaborations with your brand/product.

Finding the Right Influencer

Influencer marketing can boost your business’s overall growth. but, it’s not easy to find the right influencer. After spending more than a decade in the industry we have managed to build a network of Influencers on the digital space as well as through other mediums. We help you find influencers who are idyllically suited for your type of industry through the social platform, location, their engagement rates and contact information. Instead of reaching a mass audience, trying to reach a small but relevant audience through an influencer can provide you with the needed visibility that will lead to the overall growth of your business.


Known for authenticity and expertise, an influencer spends time shaping posts to resonate well with his/her audiences. Our influencer marketing team works closely with the influencer while giving them the creative freedom to utilize their unique talent in making your brand fit logically into their posts. The core strategy involves ideation, creation and publication.

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For an upcoming business, hiring a micro-influencer with a dedicated fan following lets you target specific audiences for your marketing campaigns. Micro influencers can develop ‘personal connections’ with their audience (unlike macro-influencers) and are also pocket-friendly.

Content Posting for Influencers

Die-hard bloggers depend on fresh content to keep their spectators engaged. For you. We produce fresh and quality content to help influencers develop a successful and profitable campaign.

Bargain Free Products/Services for Reviews

We are often are on the look-out for cost-effective ways to market your products online. We look for influencers who are willing to accept free products in exchange for their reviews and recommendations.

Introduce Social Media

We at Rolson Infotech are popular when it comes to influencer marketing. You can trust us as a partner to promote your brands and services through a recognized influencers’ voice. By functioning on behalf of the brand, the influencers can catch their followers’ attention and transmit your brand awareness. In addition to this, we can invite influencers to your company’s event, product launch or can also arrange an interview to convey their positive opinion about your product and promoting your business.

Our goal is to ensure that the influencer shares their experience of your brand to draw the attention of their followers and also to get you your required audiences. This will help you get new followers and draw more attention to your product. The second step towards catering to your business needs starts here.

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