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What do your clients require from your company? 

The best service that you can provide them in terms of quality and deadlines? Isn’t that so?

Giving your clients the best assistance and providing them with a consistent and exceptional experience is a stellar approach to get them to recommend you to their friends and family. This is when referral marketing comes in the picture. A referral system enables you to have an organized progression of collecting and organizing referrals with the right planning and approach.

What Is Referral Marketing

This is a form of online marketing where an online seller or marketer pays a percentage of the product sold to an outbound referral or website because of the sale made or revenue generated through its reference. Referral Marketing is one of the best and profitable ways to grow your customer base. This is an incredible marketing form for increasing leads and sales to your website but is underrated for its capacity.

How It Works

Now that we have understood what referral marketing is, let’s dive into how referral marketing works.

Referral marketing works the same as the mechanism of a real estate agent. They sell houses or property which they don’t own themselves. Instead, they promote the property of their clients and earns a percentage of the sales price of the property sold.

Likewise in referral marketings, the person who owns or created the product is the website and the person who has purchased your product and referred to others who are intending to buy a similar product is the external website or the referrer of your product. So if the referred person purchases that similar product from your website, the referral will get a percentage on the product’s sale. 

Why Use Referral Marketing To Generate Revenue

  • This indeed is the perfect fit for your social media strategy as most of the referral schemes include a social share button enabling your customers to share their experiences with their social family, which ultimately increases trust in your brand.
  • It is easy to get started. Thanks to the technologies that help the referral to create and test their referral campaigns to give you the best outcomes.
  • Referral Marketing boost your email marketing ROI as it adds an extra lead generation source.
  • The customers sending you repeated referrals are very important for your brand as they are your brand advocates.
  • This is a cost and time effective marketing strategy for your business as your customers itself are cheering for your brand and ultimately doing most of the work for you by finding qualified leads. 
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So if you wish to know more about the benefits of referral marketing,  feel free to ask us in comments or contact us for a free consulting session.

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