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In 2015, Google’s Gary Illyes rolled out RankBrain, which is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system. This helps Google to process some of its search results, and respond to user’s queries in the same mode as a human would. This accurate return of answers along with a set of similar questions is powered by artificial intelligence. Thus, when digital marketers hear the word “artificial intelligence,” they immediately recall the “RankBrain” algorithm.

With the proliferation of new technologies like mobile, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) there has been a change seen in customer behaviour and disrupted marketplaces, for both B2B and B2C markets. To keep pace, it’s necessary to develop our marketing practices to a new level. Digital Marketing Strategies like Data, Automation, Analytics and AI is more than marketing through digital channels. As of now, the marketers have gained confidence in using AI in their digital marketing strategies with respect to the results it provides. According to a survey,

● Both artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the most important data initiatives within a couple of years.
● Marketers are planning on incorporating AI technology for surpassing even the Internet of Things (IoT) and marketing automatization.

Some of the carefully analyzed AI applications, perfect for revolutionizing the AI driven digital marketing, are:

Generating Content

Even though AI cannot state its own opinion for a news journal or a blog post, it can still attract visitors with their own generated content. This can save time as-well-as resources as AI can compose reports and updates based on available data and information.
Intelligent tools like Articoolo, Wordsmith and Quill are implemented by Forbes and Associated Press to generate news with just a few clicks on their websites. Likewise, with data or keywords unique content, that gives the impression of being a human product, can be created. The New York Times, Reuters, BBC and CBS are also adopting this technology.

Content Curation

AI not only generates content but can curate it too. Content curation connects visitors with flawless content on a website.
Content curation with AI in digital marketing, create interesting content recommendations that visitors may find exciting. One such example is Netflix’s recommendation system that proposes both movies and TV shows! This recommendation system helps the visitor to choose the programme of their choice in a few seconds, thus, saving time and extensive browsing.

Email Marketing

Brands implementing on AI, can connect with visitors and turn them into clients, with personalizing email marketing campaigns in accordance with the users’ preferences.
The AI driven digital marketing can scrutinize myriad of data of consumer to determine their frequency, a content of interest, the subjects and title they surf often and the best time of the day they will be available for a call from the executive. Hence, AI aids in personalizing email content for a subscriber. Phrasee, Persado and Boomtrain are some of the tools used by AI for email marketing.
Phrasee and AI ensure much thought which only humans could do! It is a world leading ‘Natural Language Generation’ system that can generate human-sounding, brand-compliant copy variants in millions with just one dab on the button.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is digital marketing’s most successfully adopted artificial intelligence. There many well-known platforms that incorporate AI to analyze the data of visitors. AI driven digital marketing use platforms like Facebook and Google ad platforms using artificial intelligence to discovery individuals more prone to react to a certain advertiser’s commercial. They retrieve information about the user’s interests, demographics along with other aspects to exhume the best contender for their brand. There are also other platforms that include AI and the analysis of data candidates in their processes.
Adext, an Audience Management as a Service (AMaaS) customizes the handling and optimization of ads on platforms. In addition to testing different audiences on ads, they try to detect their favourite activities in order to identify which platforms are profitable for investment. It takes just 5 minutes to connect Adext AI to AdWords or Facebook Ads accounts


As the user’s performance for online searches has changed, it may instigate the marketers to re-create and optimize their web content. The two big developments in AI that have revolutionized Internet searches and search engine optimization (SEO) are (1) – voice search and (2) -Google’s algorithm, RankBrain. Inventions like Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri and Cortana (of Microsoft) have made it easier to explore by pressing a button or by a voice command.
Google’s algorithm, RankBrain, gives refined search results! It interprets the user’s voice searches and provides the best results according to the user’s quest. Voice searches require marketers to adapt their content to decipher long-tail keywords and replace them with informal keywords. This AI driven digital marketing can help in the increase of their online traffic.

Web Design

Applications like Grid, use AI to design a website to look professional in less time and an unbeatable price with user derived information like text, images, etc.

User Experience

After analyzing the informative data (device, location, etc.) on a single user, AI driven digital marketing can display offers and content that are relevant for each user.
The Everygage survey (2017) exposed that 33% of the marketers used AI for a personalized web experience as it increases the conversion rates and develops user friendly consumer experience.


Many brands communicate with their future clients through applications like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack. This is a quicker mode of communication, with tools to chat, avoiding the long wait for a phone call. Thus, chatbots are automated replies to buyer’s frequently asked questions to help them in finding a product or service.

A chatbot, powered by AI exhibits the following traits:

● The ability to find the correct response for open questions
● Serve clients 24/7 while retaining their data
● Are friendly and never lose their patience
● Can respond to a number of requests, from different customers, at the same time
● Can find the correct response for open questions
The Facebook bot tools, like bot, are employed to train bots for conversations and learn from user interactions.

Predictive Study

The Predictive analysis uses data, statistical algorithms and various techniques to identify future conclusions with the help of the acquired data history.

These Predictive models help to foretell the probability of a prospective client. They can also guess the quoted price required or sense clients likely to make more than one purchase.

Predictive models act according to the data provided while building them. So, a mistake or a high level of randomness in the data will hold them back from providing correct or accurate predictions.

It’s clear that artificial intelligence offers several benefits in a digital marketing strategy. AI in digital marketing is the source of productivity, efficiency and profitability.

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