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With more than 145 million daily active users and about 500 million tweets per day, it’s pretty clear that Twitter has shaken the social media landscape. But is your social media marketing making use of the power of Twitter?

Many find Twitter tricky because they usually tend to tweet for a few times and leave as they don’t see any activity. But the good news is that using Twitter is not rocket science. 

Let’s dig into knowing the best actionable Twitter marketing hacks for 2020 from one of the best social media marketing agency –

Starting With Some Of The Twitter Marketing Hacks

  • 67 percent of all B2B businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool.
  • 77 percent of Twitter users have a better impression of a brand when they respond to a tweet. Six out of ten users expect a brand to respond to any customer service request within one hour. 
  • 500 million people visit the site each month without logging in.
  • Tweets with images get 150% more retweets.
  • The average Twitter user follows five businesses.
  • 80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a tweet.

Twitter Marketing Hacks

#1 Tweet Consistently

Tweeting twice or thrice is not going to do any good, if you want to gear your social media marketing strategy then tweet multiple times every day and keep it continued as it is a long-term process. 

#2 Use The Right Hashtag

Many Twitter users often make a big mistake of tweeting without any hashtag, which ends them loosing up on huge exposure as hashtag plays an important factor of reach. Moreover, using the right hashtag is important in order to leave an impact on the right audience related to your industry.

#3 Try Using URL Shortener

Twitter comes with a character limit of 280 characters. So when you want to tweet about a blog post or a URL, it sometimes goes out of the character limit and also looks ugly on Twitter. So try using a URL shortener like to shorten the URLs.

#4 Engagement Matters

Unlike other social media marketing channels, Twitter isn’t a one-way communication platform and if you’re doing the mistake of only tweeting and sharing your content, it isn’t going to work. Engagement plays a good role in Twitter marketing, so start interacting, supporting and communicating with your audience.

#5 Upload Videos & Images 

One of twitter marketing hacks is to upload photos and videos which gives you an edge over the content you share on your other social media accounts.

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#6 Profile Essentials

Twitter marketing hacks can’t be completed without the discussion on the essential profile management tips. Keep your profile cover and display pictures on point. Also, your bio plays an important role in amplifying your profile, present your URL completely, and avoid shortening it as it may look suspicious.

These are the most actionable, tried & tested ways of growing your Twitter profile. Start getting serious about Twitter in 2020, if you haven’t till now try to amplify your social media marketing strategy.

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