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PPC is one of the most traditional forms of digital marketing and also one of the most powerful forces of marketing. And in 2020, PPC marketing is going to be the most dynamic year in the advertising world.

PPC is a social media marketing asset and a form of online advertising wherein a marketer places an ad on advertisement platform and pays only when the ad is being clicked.

Marketers are required to keep them updated with the evolving PPC marketing trends in all the spheres of advertising. Hence it becomes essential to reshuffle your PPC goals to keep yourself aligned during the evolution of the PPC marketing trends.

Let’s look at some interesting facts PPC Marketing – 

  • Around 45% of small businesses invest in PPC advertising to grow their operations.
  • Google ads alone reach a network of more than 2 million websites and applications.
  • Sponsored advertisement takes around 2 out of 3 clicks on the first page
  • Google owns around 92.78% of the search engine market, including both the paid and organic search results.

One of the TOP three generators of on-page conversions are – 

  • Facebook with a conversion rate of 9.21%
  • Google with a conversion rate of 3.46%
  • Average Business with a conversion rate of 1-3%

So let’s look at the 5 most important PPC marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2020.

PPC Automation

One of the biggest PPC marketing trends for 2020 is automation, making use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate labour based tasks linked to search engines. Hence, every social media marketing agency uses automation to calculate the best bidding strategy for every goal, to get conversions related to the targeted CPA, stop low-performing ads, and give priority to the one that is generating conversions, etc.

Video Ads And PPC

According to stats, by 2022 82% of the online traffic will come from video. Hence it becomes important for businesses to adapt the vertical video functionality provided by Google which will let social media marketers link the product in video ads. Also, Instagram stories will continue to be a dominant force of Video PPC ad marketing.

Smart Bidding

Smart bidding helps to bid as per the bidding strategies and optimize the ads as per the goals set. It helps to generate new prospects as per the desired cost per acquisition. Moreover, it lets you get the best return of investment and maximizes your conversion rate.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence lets social media marketers craft more effective ad campaigns, for the prediction of CTR of the coming ads, calculate the impact of an ad, or analyze the bid that will generate maximum traffic.

Voice Search For PPC 

According to stats, by 2022, 50% of consumers will use voice-shopping. Hence, every business needs to get their business featured in the voice search results. People tend to use natural language on voice search, short keywords will not prove to be beneficial and question-related keywords proves to be beneficial.

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