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One of the hottest topics around the marketing world is ‘content marketing’. Over the last decade, there has been a steep rise and a multitude of innovations in the content marketing world.

According to studies, 84% of people expect brands to produce content that entertains, provide solutions, and produce experiences and events. The study shows that the current content formats are blog posts (86%), emails (67%), case studies (42%), and success stories (36%). To distribute these products, marketers considered social media (94%) and emails (76%) to be the most effective channels.

As per the above statistics, it is easy to understand that content marketing has always been a game-changing tactic and will continue to be.

So before you buckle up your content marketing game in 2020, look at the below mentioned actionable tactics to reap maximum benefits out of your content marketing game – 

Video And Live-Streaming

Video and live-streaming has taken an edge over other content strategies, thanks to popular video streaming applications like Youtube, TikTok, etc. According to a study, 54% of consumers expect video content from their favourite brands. And it is not just limited to the above-mentioned platforms, the video also works great on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and even on your own website.

Publish Only Quality Content 

You can notice some brands publishing posts on a daily basis. But it is highly advisable that if you don’t have enough resources to generate the post daily, don’t post anything. Share only quality content even if you share it once in a week. Quality is the game in any content marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Isn’t Going AnyWhere

One of the most important content marketing strategies is sending out promotional emails. According to a recent study, 93% of b2B use emails for the distribution of the content they create. And around 91% of marketers have rated email marketing as one of the important channels that contribute to the overall marketing success. 

Omni-Channel Strategy

Your customers are everywhere across channels, platforms, and devices. So irrespective of the fact what platform your customers choose to engage, all they expect is a seamless experience. An omni-channel strategy is way different from the usual strategy, it is more about getting insights about the platforms and devices your prospect prefers and for what preference and at what stage of their buying journey. 

Conversational Marketing

One-on-one conversations is the fastest way to move buyers through the marketing funnel, hence it the most notable tactic for brands in 2020. Having one-on-one conversations with your audience not only create a human experience but also leverage you to learn a lot about your audience. Step in a conversational marketing game to learn more about target customers faster.

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Wrapping Up

No matter what field you’re in, content marketing is something that will surely benefit you. So to make the most out of your content marketing campaigns and to be ahead in this competitive era, it is highly advisable to create personalized, interactive, and engaging content to ace your marketing in 2020. 

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